What services do we provide?

Our logistics base has a good strategic location in Central Northern Bulgaria. It is located near the first class road connecting the main points Sofia and Varna.


FTL- Full Loads

We transport goods in the segment of full loads from and to most European countries.


LTL- Part loads

Our portfolio includes the transportation of part loads from various areas of trade and industry.


Dangerous loads (ADR)

Our company has many years of experience in the transportation of dangerous goods.


Agricultural machinery

We transport agricultural equipment and machinery.


Transport of machinery and machine equipment

We have many years of experience in the transport of machinery.

FTL- Full Loads

We transport full loads to and from the most European countries. Our main destinations are as follows: Germany, France, Benelux, Austria and The Czech Republic.

We guarantee the quality of our services in this segment because we observe the right delivery terms, we take care of the appropriate load capacity and it’s security. We are best at reacting quickly and being flexible to the short notice changes in the requirements and demands of our clients and logistics partners.

LTL- Part loads

Our portfolio contains the transport services for part loads of different industrial and commercial goods. Our main destinations are Germany and France. We have a weekly schedule of departing. Our priority is to observe the right delivery terms. To be always ON TIME!

Dangerous loads (ADR)

We have a long professional experience in the transportation of dangerous loads. All of our vehicles have the appropriate equipment (after the CMR convention), available for the transport of Full-and Part loads. We work with well-educated, who have the required specifications and expertise.

There is also an accomplished consultant for dangerous loads (after the CMR convention), who controls, supports and takes care for the safety transport of dangerous loads.

Agricultural machinery

Companies from the agricultural business may rely on our best efforts for transportation of technique and equipment. We could support our clients with the processes of purchasing of goods and the communication with suppliers with the needed expertise and foreign language communication.

Machinery and equipment

The transportation of machinery and its equipment from different industrial areas is a huge challenge, because there are lots of different risk factors to consider.

We are always ready for new challenges. This is our superpower!

With over 30 years of experience in the field of transport services and logistics, we always rely on security, innovation and quality. Many trusted us.

Trust us too!