Our Fleet


Our fleet contains 50 VOLVO trucks. Throughout the years, we have been investing and increasing the number of our trucks. Our own repair service center, along with the well-expertised team take care of the technical support of the fleet. All of our trucks relate to the European Vehicle Emission standards for CO2 emissions - the biggest portion of our fleet relates to the EURO 6 emission class.


One of our main goals is the optimization of the fleet. It applies to the trailers, which are being renewed every 3-4 years.

The trailers of CHAKALA represent the brands Kögel, Schmitz and Kässbohrer.

All of the trailers are equipped for the transport of dangerous goods.

We have :

Board trailers, mega trailer (type Megatrailer)

13,60m, 101m3 /13,60х2,48х3,00/-megatrailer, XL-Code

We have semi trailers (type Tautliner)

13,60 m. 93m3 /13,60х2,48х2,75/tautliner, XL-Code

With over 30 years of experience in the field of transport services and logistics, we always rely on security, innovation and quality. Many trusted us.

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